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Alex Cantu & Irene Gonzalez | San Antonio, TX


Irene Gonzalez was raised in San Juan, TX and was new to San Antonio in 1998 when her co-worker decided that Irene would get along great with his friend Alejandra (Alex) Cantu, who was born in Monclova, Mexico but moved to San Antonio in 1972.

“Without hesitation and warning he [Tommy] just called me [Irene] up and put the phone in her [Alex] ear after he said he had a friend I should meet. Both of us were very reluctant and shy about the whole introduction and Alex offered to meet in person, as it would only be right. When we met, it was instant chemistry. We stayed up until 5am just talking. Our connection was very strong. Since that day we have never been apart. We have lived like any other traditional family and focused on raising our (now 24 year old) child”

Irene and Alex were married on their 15th anniversary in San Francisco, but have hopes that one day they could renew their vows in Texas so that they are able to share the special moment with family and friends.

“Being married in our home state secures our rights legally. We want equal empowerment to have a say in case of a health emergency if one or the other falls ill. Health insurance benefits/coverage qualification. Equal tax benefits and of course personally, for peace and mind that we are finally recognized and treated fairly as a family and a married union. We want it to be recognized that our love is not just a phase or a rebellion, but true and valid. Our love stands the test of time, just like both of our parents have shown us.”

Alex and Irene have built a life together for their family in Texas, but their marriage is still not respected in the state they have called home for most of their lives. Their family is just like any other family, and one day they want the security, recognition and respect in Texas that they deserve.

“We are family just like any other family. We love each other immensely and we place God first. We stress the importance of education and have raised our daughter to be cultured in the arts and sciences, as well as made sure she had a balance by attending a private Catholic school. We have supported our daughter in anything she wanted to excel in. Our motto is: if you don’t like the situation you are in, use your energy to make it better. That is why we are advocates for the LGBT community in Texas and the United States.”

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