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Jose L. Mendez & Juan Trevino | TEXAS


Juan Trevino and Jose L. Mendez have been together for over 15 years. They originally met in 1996 and were friends for just over a year before they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They officially began dating in June 1997.

“We learned and liked a lot about each other as friends and started dating in June 1997. We shared many interests, goals, ambitions and beliefs. I [Juan] always say that Jose is truly the BETTER half of me. He agrees.”

The couple now lives in San Antonio, Texas with their two children.

Juan was born and raised in San Antonio and Jose was born in Monterrey, Mexico but moved to San Antonio when he was five. After about 10 years together, the couple decided that they wanted to bring children into their family. They were secure enough in their life and love, and knew that kids would be a great next step. In July 2007, they became foster parents to Aaron, who was 7 months old at the time. A few months later they found out that his brother, Lucas, was also in the foster system. They took him in, and in January 2008 the brothers were happily living under the same roof for the first time. Today, Lucas is 9 and Aaron about to turn 8.

Juan and Jose would love to be able to get married in Texas once the freedom to marry comes to the state. They have many reasons for why marriage matters to them.

“Well, aside from all the legal rights you have with being married like hospitalization rights, tax rights, etc., we feel that our relationship is just like anyone else’s. We have experienced life’s ups and downs and have won and lost things TOGETHER. We feel we deserve the right to call each other ‘husband’ and it be a true statement. We don’t think its okay to feel like a second class citizen when someone tells us we cannot do something. We also want to show our kids that everyone is treated equally and with respect in our state and country.”

Juan and Jose’s family have been very supportive of their relationship and also hope to be able to see the couple get married in their home state soon.

“Our families have always accepted us and they never thought of us as different or anything like that. We are just another branch of the big family tree on both sides.”

Once the freedom to marry comes to Texas, this family, who has been together for nearly 20 years, will finally be able celebrate their love and commitment with their family and friends.

“When it comes to being a family, our family may look different from yours. You may have a traditional family, blended family, two mom family, two dad family, etc. Bottom line is Family is Family. We share our life with the loves of our lives and would move heaven and earth for them! Anyone who knows us can tell you, we would lay down our lives for family.”

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