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Sabrina Lynette Castillo & Natasia Maria Yanez | San Antonio, TX


Sabrina Lynette Castillo and Natasia Maria Yanez locked eyes from across a room in San Antonio, Texas on New Years in 2012, and as they say, the rest is history. Natasia, who serves in the United States Navy, was stationed in San Antonio at the time while Sabrina was just visiting friends in San Antonio for New Years. Sabrina was originally out that night to try and play wingman to her friend who had recently gone through a bad breakup, but instead, Sabrina met her future wife.

After that night, Sabrina and Natasia’s relationship was mainly over the phone as Sabrina was living in her hometown of Edinburg, Texas, which is over three hours away from San Antonio where Natasia (who is originally from Pleasanton, TX) was stationed.

“The distance and long night talks built this connection that I would have never imagined. Within the first couple of weeks we knew we were meant to be. Some might argue that distance is impossible, but with the right person distance is just an obstacle worth overcoming.”

Two years to the day that Sabrina and Natasia first met, they got married. While they were planning their wedding, they got the exciting news that the United States Supreme Court had struck down DOMA, which meant that Natasia’s military benefits would be extended to Sabrina. Since they knew that it would not be an option to be married in Texas, they decided to get married somewhere that neither one of them had been before. After doing some research, the couple decided to get married at a small B&B in Kent, Connecticut.

Sabrina and Natasia’s siblings were supportive of their relationship from the beginning, but both their parents needed some time to warm up to the relationship.

“We were both born and raised as Catholics with Hispanic traditions, so our love for one another was not the life our parents pictured for us. The dreams that they once had of us getting married and having children were still going to happen, just with a few modifications.”

Neither of Sabrina or Natasia’s families traveled to see the couple get married, but they were all on Skype watching the ceremony. Natasia’s family threw Sabrina and Natasia an engagement party at their house in Texas, while Sabrina’s mother surprised them a month after their wedding with a late wedding reception.

“If anyone were to see our parents now, they would have never suspected that they were ever unaccepting of our relationship.”

Sabrina and Natasia have been married for a little over a year now, and are living in San Antonio. Later this month, Natasia will be leaving Texas for a year and heading overseas to her new Navy post. Sabrina will stay in San Antonio with the couple’s two cats. Once Natasia moves back to the states, the couple will likely be moving to another state, and hopefully expanding their family.

Sabrina and Natasia are hopeful that one-day soon, Texas, as well as the United States as a whole, will preform and respect same-sex marriages.

“Marriage is a commitment to the person you love, and gender should not be a factor for that. Although I [Sabrina] am now a military spouse and will be traveling around the states, Texas is still my home and my marriage should be recognized regardless of soil I am standing on. If your federal government can recognize same-sex marriage for military families regardless of location, why cant each state?”

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