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Juan and Danny | Washington, DC


Photo by Emma Howells

Juan and Danny started their relationship in typical Washington D.C. style, over drinks at a local cafe. They immediately hit it off, and became serious in spring of 2012. “When we met, I thought Juan was sharp, funny and genuine. We are both passionate people, and so we argued a lot, but we were very loving too. I was surprised to fall in love with him [Juan], after several years of feeling somewhat jaded romantically.”

Juan’s cat, Grant Ignacio, could sense the seriousness of their relationship even before they could. He decided to take up permanent residence in Danny’s house a full year before Juan and Danny decided to move in together, which they did in 2013. In November of 2014, on the way to Thanksgiving with Juan’s family in Texas, Danny proposed. Juan wrote of the proposal, “I was thrilled, scared, and happy all at the same time. I said yes, and spent part of the trip letting my family and friends know about our engagement.”

Both Danny and Juan’s family have been very supportive of their relationship from the beginning.

Juan, the eldest of four, is originally from Carrizo Springs, Texas. He comes from a large extended family, saying that they could “make up our own cheering section at football games in south Texas.”

Juan said of his family, “I believe that family is an integral part of my relationship with Danny. I remember the first time I invited Danny down to Texas to visit my family. He and I were both extremely nervous about the reception he would receive, and luckily, my family treated him extremely well. Once Danny and I announced our engagement, I received a lot of support from all my family. It was overwhelming,”

Danny grew up in Scotland, with three siblings, an Australian father and an English mother. Both his parents were professors, so he has always valued education, but his family is also passionate about the outdoors, arts and social justice. Danny’s family was “overjoyed, and desperate to know when the wedding was,” when they heard news of the engagement.

They got married in Catonsville, Maryland, surrounded by family and friends. Coming from such varied backgrounds, they made sure that the event was “a little Texan, and a little Scottish.” As their families are spread all over the globe, and can’t meet often, they then took them on honeymoon to one of their favorite spots, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

Juan and Danny could not be happier now that they are a married couple. Danny wrote of the importance of marriage, “For me, it [being married] brought a feeling of full legitimacy. Nobody should need to get married to validate their life and their loves, but I have never felt as respected as when I say the words ‘my husband.’ And on a more practical level, Juan and I can now plan for our future with more confidence. It’s a right all gay people should have.”

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