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Marcel and Sharon Herrera | Ft. Worth, TX


Marcel Enriquez and Sharon Herrera first met in San Angelo, TX in 1984 and it was love at first sight. To them they were each others first kiss and first love – they dated for 6 months and then life happened.

Sharon’s mom passed away and she joined the U.S. Air Force. They never spoke again until 2012 when they ran into each other at their 30 year high school reunion – and they’ve never looked back since. “All the feelings I [Sharon] ran away from came flooding back.” We vowed never to lose each other again. Her [Marcel] words to me were, “I have been waiting for you.” Our wedding song is “1000 Years” from the Twilight Series.

Sharon and Marcel plan to make up for lost time and spend as much time together as possible.

They had plans to wed in Hawaii, but when marriage became legal in Nevada, Sharon and Marcel chose Las Vegas since Marcel’s parents had gotten married there too. Having the freedom to marry in Texas would have a tremendous meaning for them – “no longer making them second class citizens in their home state.”

[Families] are supportive of their marriage and Sharon says, “she hit the lottery with her mother-in-law." Both say, “Love at first sight and true love never dies – we went through so much and our life journey brought us back together.”

Sharon works for Fort Worth ISD and has an organization that serves LGBTQ youth; and was recently nominated a semi-finalist for GLESEN’s Educator of Year Award. She is also a Commissioner for the city's Human Relations Commission. Marcel works part time and attends college.

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