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Carolina Acosta & Veronica Campos | Nassau Bay, TX


High school sweethearts Carolina Acosta and Veronica Campos have built a life together over the last 15 years, but are still unable to get married in their home state of Texas.

Carolina and Veronica were both born and raised in Houston, Texas and met in their small high school. Carolina became friends with two of Veronica’s friends through sport teams, and slowly started to get to know Veronica.

“We were definitely not fast friends. My [Carolina] personality takes a while to grow on you, but after a while, it grew on her [Veronica].”

Carolina and Veronica became a couple over their senior year spring break and have stayed strong over the past 15 years. The couple moved to Boston for college, but moved back to Houston shortly after. They now live in Nassau Bay, Texas with their two dogs.

The couple has plans to get married in California this June. Both of their families are very supportive and very excited to celebrate Carolina and Veronica’s relationship and commitment. They do wish that they could get married in Texas, and have their relationship legally recognized in the state that they call home.

“As for marrying in Texas, it would mean a lot. It would have been nice to have the option to get married at home – where we grew up, where we met, and where our friends and family live. But we didn’t want to wait anymore and wanted to be legally wed at the end of the day.”

They are both very excited for their big day, and in the future are hoping to expand their family beyond their two furry children. They hope that one day soon the freedom to marry will come to the whole United States.

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