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Victoria Hernandez & Monica Rosas | San Antonio, Texas


Victoria Hernandez and Monica Rosas love story has been 18 years in the making. Although they have been dating since summer of 2012, they originally met 15 years earlier through mutual friends. They first met when both were in long term relationships, but 12 years later, Victoria and Monica, both single for some time, ran into one another again at a bar. They only spoke briefly at the bar, but became Facebook friends and the relationship grew from there. They have now been together for almost three years.

When Monica and Victoria reconnected in 2012, Victoria was spiritually reborn and was greatly involved with a Christian band called EVE. She wanted to be able to share this big part of her life with Monica, but was initially nervous to share this part of her life, not knowing what Monica’s reaction would be. Victoria took the risk because she was falling for Monica and knew that she wanted her to be in her life. “Well, with all that being said, Monica had open arms and was so accepting of my spiritual journey. She also wanted to be a part of this spiritual journey, so this made me [Victoria] extremely happy. This is when I knew that God placed the right person in my life. Monica and I have been happily together for almost three years.”

Victoria and Monica were both born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. They both come from very small families and are very close with their families. They currently call San Antonio home with their two dogs, Woofy and Rawly. They would love to be able to get married in the state that they have lived all of their lives. They also are looking forward to building a family of their own in the near future. They know that although it may be difficult to have children as a same-sex couple, they are strong enough to overcome any obstacles.

Their family and friends have been so supportive of their relationship, and would one day be very excited to see them able to get married in Texas.

Monica writes, “It would be amazing to be married in Texas because I would love to share my unity of life with my family and friends when I say ‘I do’ to the person I love. Who wouldn’t? I mean, why should it not be possible to watch my bride walk down the aisle, into my arms and get that first kiss as a married couple? It may be corny, but I can’t wait till that is a possibility here in Texas.”

Victoria writes, “The freedom to marry in Texas for me would be a grand opportunity for us to show our love for one another, and to understand the importance of how we feel for each other. I want the chance to realize our hopes and dreams, and I stay hopeful that we will one day have the same basic rights and protections under the law. One day I hope that we will be able to celebrate our love as equal members in all aspects of society.”

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